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After spending several years as a still photographer, Nate Simms became involved in documentary filmmaking.  With film, he found a new medium for his ongoing interests in natural landscapes and land conservation.  Nate continues to focus particularly on land use issues in Rensselaer County.  A graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, Nate has lived in New York’s Capital District for most of his life. 

Nate has also authored a book of photographs on Rensselaer County, titled Focus on the Land. For more information on Nate’s book and his still photography, please visit:

About the Filmmaker

Karisa Centanni was born and raised in Rensselaer County, NY where her roots in food activism and cooperative development first took form. She presently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, working with CoFed to help students organize and build student-run food cooperatives on college campuses nationally and at Delphi Foundation where she's studying orchard work, horticulture, and small-scale food production. She writes and posts photos at

About the Associate Producer